How to Get Accepted into Cobble Creek

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How to Get Accepted into Cobble Creek Empty How to Get Accepted into Cobble Creek

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:47 pm

You need to apply to be a Citizen. If you are not a Citizen - you cannot build in Cobble Creek.

What You Need To Do!

Read the Server Rules and the Forum Rules.

Start a topic in the "Citizen Applications" topic with the title "Application - (IGN)", e.g. if your in game name was "Richard_Dawkins", your topic title would be "Application - Richard_Dawkins". Then:

1. State (exactly - including casing) your Minecraft "in game name" (IGN).

2. Indicate that you have read the rules.

3. Write (a good paragraph) how you would help build Cobble Creek, add to its community and grow its economy.

Now be Patient, and wait! Do NOT HASSLE! This could take some time (a couple of minutes to a day or two. It will be worth the wait!). Usually it is fairly quick Very Happy

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