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Post  Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:56 pm

SERVER ADDRESS: cobblecreek.no-ip.net

Cobble Creek is an Australian Minecraft Bukkit Survival Server, compatible with Minecraft version 1.1, and is owned by Saxburger and is administered by Saxburger and phased.
This is probably a less complex server (as far as pluggins and extras go) than some others out there, but the basics are well controlled and all emphasis is on game play: explorations, building, reward for effort, and community.

Game Play
This server aims to reward activities such as: mining, collecting resources, crafting, smelting, exploring and building. All cheat mods are strictly prohibited. For this reason Cobble Creek relies on a white list, and various actions (and all transactions) are logged.
Apply to be whitelisted in the White List topic in this forum.
All players (including the owner) must not engage in spawning of blocks or items, as this is a survival server - not a creative server! You will have to work hard here as you will not be given item spawning or many other permissions (even as moderators) to spawn blocks or items. This may seem restrictive, but it ensures that effort, skill and creativity are rewarded. This, I believe, is the way the game should be. As you progress in Cobble Creek, you will find things get easier. The additional permissions moderators have are mainly things like: kick/ban, white list and others like these to help moderate the experience (as the name suggests).

Cobble Creek has an economy (so you can buy and sell stuff), providing a trade dimension to the server. Prices are carefully set through CobbleMart (your one stop shop), so that common or easily attainable items are cheap, and rare or hard to attain items cost more.
The only money to enter the Cobble Creek is through the export of goods by CobbleMart, winning fights in the arena and bounties paid for killing mobs.
Raw materials affect the prices of items that are crafted or smelted from them, so all prices for items in CobbleMart are related, and not arbitrarily set.
CobbleMart has unlimited stock or money, but not unlimited money (owned by Cobble_Government, so Cobble_Government must have money if you are to sell) from time to time, Cobble_Government may be low on funds.
CobbleMart also has an export counter, which serves to trade with other nations. A very limited number of items can be sold to overseas markets (at unfavourable prices), but very handy if you really need to (like when Cobble_Government is broke).
Don't like CobbleMart? Make your own NPC (non-playing character) trader, which acts as a shop that you own!

Real Estate
Small blocks of protected land is available for purchase in the Cobble Creek township, where you can build your slice of paradise. Most of Cobble Creek township will eventually be creations of those who have purchased land. Building is allowed (fairly unrestricted) outside of town, but this is a lawless area where you are at the mercy of mobs and other players. Expect PvP or greifing out here.
For those starting out and looking for a cheaper option, a modest place can be bought in Cobble Apartments (which purchase requests should also be made in the Real Estate topic).
For those of you that don't like town, or want larger blocks but want the protection that Real Estate lots in town offer, Custom Real-Estate Protections are available, at a price (double the price by area of Lots in town), and can be applied for in the "Custom Real-Estate Protection" Section.
See Clans section for a 4th protected building option.

We here in Cobble Creek like the idea of Factions, but it is old and does not play nice with a number of other pluggins that we have that we consider essential.
So, with some creative work in PermissionsBukkit, iZone, Essentials (and a couple of other pluggins), you can join one of four Clans (Builders, Alchemists, Warriors or The Scourge).
Each Clan has:
- a communal protected area that only Clan members can enter and build in.
- unique addition to chat prefix.
- special commands and abilities.

Yes, there are rules in Cobble Creek. The forum has a full list. In general, if you do not: break the law (real world laws - cyber crime etc.), harass, swear, insult, create offensive structures and above all else USE COMMON SENSE - you will fit in well here.
If you just can't help yourself and you are really annoying, steal other peoples items, grief their buildings, etc... you may be removed from the whitelist, or gaoled (jailed for those English speaking countries that spell it that way), or some other action imposed.

The aim is to have fun, and to feel: safe, valued, creative and part of a friendly community.

Current Pluggins
- BookWorm
- Citizens
- CommandShops
- Essentials
- EssentialsSpawn
- HeroicDeath
- HideLogin
- iConomy5
- LogBlock
- LogBlockQuestioner
- MobBounty
- NoCheat
- NSCommand
- PermissionsBukkit-1.2
- PvParena
- RawcriticsOreObfuscation
- RealCompass
- RegionSelfService
- Register
- SimplePrefix
- Spout
- SuperPermsBridge-1.2
- VanishNoPickup
- Vault
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard

I hope you enjoy your time in Cobble Creek Very Happy
Saxburger (posting as Admin)

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