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Post  Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:11 pm

CobbleMart is your "one stop shop" in the heart of Cobble Creek. Most items are available for purchase in CobbleMart (every item that is compatible with the latest version of CommandShops {successor to LocalShops} Bukkit pluggin), and a price list is available in the previous topic in this thread.

Cobble Creek has an economy (so you can buy and sell), providing a trade dimension to the server. Prices are carefully set through CobbleMart (your one stop shop), so that common or easily attainable items are cheap, and rare or hard to attain items cost more. Much effort has gone into setting these prices (helped by some basic algorithms), where raw materials have been given a price based on their rarity/usefulness, and these prices are passed on through smelted and crafted goods (so items accurately reflect the cost of the things that went into making it). Time and effort is also rewarded with labor costs going into crafted and smelted goods (basic crafted < complex crafted < smelted). This strongly encourages mining and manufacturing.

The only money to enter the Cobble Creek is through the export of goods by CobbleMart (and some rewards for fighting in the arena).

CobbleMart Export Section exports goods to other lands, which is useful for when Cobble Mart (owned by Cobble_Government) is low on funds. The overseas market pays you very little for your goods, and has a very limited range of goods that it trades. Players will only accumulate money through a positive balance of trade with CobbleMart.

CobbleMart not only provides a means of attaining more of the goods you need (when the only other way you can get goods is by working really hard) by trade, but also plays a central role in the economics of Cobble Creek.

CobbleMart sells items for 30% more than it pays when buying. It has an unlimited stock of most items available in the game, but some things will need to be purchase or obtained elsewhere.

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