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Post  Imderbest96 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:32 pm

To all the players who wish to continue playing on CobbleCreek after the release of 1.3 it is advised to not update your Minecraft to 1.3 until the server has updated, which may take time because the pluggins used need to be updated to be able to run the server efficiently without many problems.

If you do update your Minecraft you will not be able to play on CobbleCreek until the server has updated

EDIT by phased:
Back up your jar, if you wish to switch between.

Go to %appdata%
> .minecraft
> bin
> rename minecraft.jar to minecraft 1.2.5 backup.jar
> launch minecraft.exe
> options
> Force Update!

Minecraft will now install minecraft 1.3 and you will still have access to your minecraft 1.2.5 backup, to change back over change minecraft.jar (the one you just downloaded that is 1.3 to minecraft 1.3.jar and rename minecraft 1.2.5 backup to minecraft.jar).

If you need help reply to this thread.

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