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Post  Admin on Fri May 18, 2012 1:31 pm

Cobble Creek server has boundaries around each world to stop the world size from exceeding the hard drive space available.

Some servers do not have limits because they use a standard hard drive with lots of space, but Cobble Creek uses faster hard drives to speed up read/write times and remove this common form of server lag.

Previously, the Cobble Creek server used a 3GB RAM disk (a RAM disk is when you sacrifice RAM to use as a hard drive, and is extremely quick) which limited the server to 3 GB in size.

The new server used a SSD (solid state drive - very fast). After operating system install and other essential applications, there is around 30 GB of space left for the server.

Some rough (and conservative) calculations of how much space each map chunk takes up (after trawling the net but mostly from direct observations of map sizes in Cobble Creek), I determined that there is about 300 map chunks per MB (a chunk is a 16x16 block column from bedrock to sky).

The previous server map size for Cobble Nation was 11,000 blocks x 11,000 blocks (11km x 11km = 121 sq km) , Cobble Nether 1,375 blocks x 1,375 blocks (1.375km x 1.375km = 1.89 sq km - 1/8th the size of Cobble Nation in each dimension and 1/64th the size in area; so neither world could be used to overshoot the boundary of the other via a portal), and The End at 1,000 blocks x 1,blocks (1 km x 1 km = 1 sq km). The result was a server about 2GB in size. This includes an extended view distance at each boundary of 250 blocks to account for any chuck generation beyond the boarders.

The new server projected maximum limit (if every single chunk within its boundary is generated - a very unlikely scenario) would be in the order of 30 GB. This results in a dimensions of: Cobble Nation [46,000 blocks (46km) x 46,000 blocks (46km) = 2116 sq km], Cobble Nether [5,750 blocks (5.75km) x 5,750 blocks (5.75km) = 33.06 sq km], The End [10,000 blocks (10km) x 10,000 blocks (10km) = 100 sq km].

This should be enough space for anyone. If the server size does not increase massively in the future; I may consider removing boundaries altogether.

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