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Post  Phased on Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:48 pm

congrats once again =D your trusted =D and excellent application for trusted =)


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Post  Ninja1005535 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:28 pm


I've been an active member of Cobblecreek since October the 11th 2011 and lately i have been working on some projects which keep me active in Cobblecreek like my pixel art which has taken about a month or two in total time spent on it. I have also built skins with a few other players in the south eastern part of Cobblecreek, I've made 2 skins which have costed me well over 100k (sold some of my stuff in the process) and i've kindly donated to others who wished to join in ( donated kapow 30k for a plot and was willing to help pay for the others work) by doing this I've demonstrated kindness and respect for fellow players.

I haven't been kicked or banned in the last 3 months but before this i have been quiet bad. I apologise for this and understand that griefing will not be tolerated in this server. I have put alot of work into my pixel art and work and understand how bad it would be to have it ruined. Its a history i'm ashamed of but I've repayed what was lost and became best friends with these two people through this server. I really love this server for what it has done to me, it has changed me in the way i behave on online servers and i think i deserve to become trusted once again.

Lastly, I have been given responsibility of clan leader for the Alchemists. I have experienced what its like to be a respectful and understanding leader by being co leader and by doing a trial, because of this I have experience in leading a clan and now that the old clan leader has been demoted i need this trusted rank to show I've been in this server long enough to be a clan leader. It just doesn't seem right being a Citizen and being a clan leader, and for this reason i think i need trusted.


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