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Post  Admin on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:10 pm

27. Added Commandshops-dev-R3.jar. Wait and see if problems persist.
# Mon 12/03/2012 #
26. Added Commnadshops-dev-R2.jar. Worked but kept kicking people with "internal server error" messages.
25. Zolcos (the commandshops pluggin developer) announced an imminent release of a dev build commandshops.jar released on bukkitdev IRC. Quickly installed an IRC client and went looking. Was chatting with Zolcos within 2mins, and now have the .jar file. He informed me it still has bugs. I will do testing on my test server. Watch this space!
# Sun 11/03/2012 #
24. Expanded boarders of Cobble Nether (in worldguard) in proportion to increases in cobble nation. This is an increase from (1250m x 1250m) to (1376m x 1376m). Cobble Nether must always have its X and Z dimensions 1/8 that of Cobble Nation, so that players cannont build a portal at the edge of one map and jump the boundary in the other.
23. Expanded boarders of Cobble Nation (in worldguard) from 10x10km (100 sq km) to 11x11km (121 sq km). Would have liked to have gone further, but with the doubling of the world height in 1.2, there was a doubling in server size. This took up most of what I had left to play with on the RAM disc.
# Sat 10/03/2012 #
22. Updated verison of EssentialsSpawn changed config file. Manually reset all spawn points. Now when you /spawn ... you will actually appear where you are supposed to.
21. Commandshops wiki reckons that an updated version should be released soon.
20. Installed ore_obfuscation (can install now, as it is best to use the spout version).
19. Found working version of spout pluggin.
18. Logblock still not working properly (not logging worlds even though everything configured correctly). Will wait for updated versions of logblock.jar and logblockquestioner.jar
# Fri 09/03/2012 #
17. Updated pvparena with new .jar file. Fixed the ubiquitous 40 line console errors that it was producing.
# Thu 08/03/2012 #
16. Sorted out over-zealous nocheat config that routinely kicks you for moving too fast on joining the server.
15. Updated bukkit to a more stable beta version (from dev version).
14. Changed lots and custom protected regions from height 0 to 127 -> 0 to 255. This is to reflect the new world height of 256 blocks, instead of 128 blocks. Build twice as high now!
13. Found update for logblock and logblock questioner. Both synchronised with the new mysql server nicely.
[UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY: logblock, logblockquestioner]
12. Found update for bookworm.
11. Found updates for spout and pvparena (had to redo config file)
[UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY: spout, pvparena]
# Mon 05/03/2012 #
10. Restored all iConomy6 accounts with pre-update balances.
9. UPDATED TO 1.2!
A number of pluggins still need to update.
8. Found updates and more testing:
[UPDATED WITH PROBLEMS: Citizens (npcs appear and all is well, except you cannont select them, therefore cannot edit, and cannot use traders), pvparena (arena not set for some reason, may need to reset it), regionselfservice (seems to work but signs do not disappear after purchase)]
[UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY: register, heroicdeath]
# Sun 04/03/2012 #
7. Individually tested all pluggins:
[REMOVED FOR GOOD: realcompass]
[NO UPDATES THAT WORK YET: register, bookworm, citizens, commandshops, heroicdeath, mobbounty, nscommand, ore_obfuscation, regionselfservice, spout, vanishnopickup]
[UPDATED WITH PROBLEMS: iconomy (forced to update to iconomy6. Different database and setup. Works well, but will have to manually add all players money)]
[UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY: essentials, essentials_spawn, lwc, nocheat, permissionsbukkit, pvparena (will need testing), simpleprefix, vault, worldedit, worldguard]
[UPDATE NOT REQUIRED: timedmessages]

6. Uninstalled MySQL off of main server, reinstalled and placed MySQL on RAM disk with main bukkit server (should speed up server).
5. Made RAM disk on main server larger (1.5GB to 3GB).
4. Removed (temporarily), logblock and logblock listener from both main and test servers.
3. Tested current pluggins and config (broke virtually every pluggin)
2. Installed a dev build of bukkit 1.2 (success!)
1. Created a temp server on another machine
# Fri 02/03/2012 #

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