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Trusted players have all Citizen commands and privileges, but also have:
-The ability to use water and lava buckets
-The ability to use TNT
-The ability to use colour on signs (see colour codes at the end of this post)

@ Essentials @
/repair all - repair all items including enchanted {costs $500}
/spawner [mob_type] - changes the type of spawner.
/tpa [player] - request to teleport to a player {costs $50}
/time - check the time of day in Cobble Creek {costs $25}
/time [day|night|dawn] - set the time of day {costs $200}
/tpaccept - accept a teleport request
/tpahere [player] - request a player to teleport to you {costs $50}
/tpdeny - deny a teleport request
/weather [storm|sun] <duration> - allows for a change in weather {cost $200}
/top - move to the highest point where you can stand at your location

Mob Types: CHICKEN, COW, CREEPER, GHAST, GIANT, MONSTER, PIG, PIG_ZOMBIE, SHEEP, SKELETON, SLIME, SPIDER, SQUID, ZOMBIE, WOLF (More may be available. Doesn't hurt to check after each update).

@ Citizens @
NPC = non-playing character
NOTE: Do not name your NPC the same as any other real player on the server. This will interfere with some other server functions. Your NPC will be deleted!
FURTHER NOTE: Funds paid for NPCs do not go to Cobble_Government, but are used to pay for the NPCs services, and their wages (OK, nice back story... Citizens does not have a facility to have paid funds to go to another account in iConomy).
/citizens help (page) - List all Citizen Commands
/npc create [name] (text) - Create NPC {costs $50,000}
/npc remove [name] - Remove NPC
/npc add [text] - Add text to the NPC
/npc reset - Reset all messages of the NPC
/npc talkclose - toggles if the NPC will talk when player is close
/npc rename [new name] - Rename the selected NPC
/npc color [&(code)] - Color the name of the NPC
/npc list (name) (page) - Watch the list of NPC
/npc equip - Equip NPC with a weapon or an armor
/npc move - Teleport the NPC to your position
/npc tp - Teleport you to the NPC
/npc id - return ID for the NPC
/npc select [ID No.] - Selects an NPC (must use ID to select, not name)
/lookat [on/off] - Allow or disallow your NPC to look at players

# Region Self Service #
Create your own custom protections - see here for details.

#Command Shops #
These cost $100,000 to create, but on the upside you will own your own shop. Set its area. Set its buy stock and set its sell stock (including max stock amounts).
/shop - Displays a list of player commands
/shop select - Select a cuboid area for a shop to occupy. Used in conjunction with both the create and move commands. Using the select command a second time will cancel the selection process.
/shop create [shop name] - Creates a shop in the area specified by the player after using the select command. This only works if the player has enough money to create a shop and the selection is smaller than the maximum allowed area. Remember, shops are created in a 3D space - selecting two blocks on the floor will likely result in the creation of a shop that is a single block tall, which isn’t particularly useful to anyone. (Cost: $100,000)
/shop info - Used while standing in a shop, this command will return information about that specific shop.
/shop list - Lists all shops that the player controls (owns or manages), along with their unique IDs and names.
/shop move [id] - Moves the specified shop to a new location. The select command must be used prior to this command, to specify where the shop will be moved.
Having trouble moving your shop? See this post.
/shop destroy - Destroys the shop the player is currently standing inside. The owner of the shop will receive anything that was left in stock, inventory space permitting.
/shop add <item name> <amount> - Used without an item name, adds the stack of items that the player is currently holding.
/shop remove <item name> - Used without an item name, removes all stock of the item that the player is currently holding from the shop.
/shop buy <item name> <amount> - Purchases a specified item from a shop. If the player uses ‘all’ in place of an amount, the shop will attempt to fill the player’s inventory with the specified item, money (and item stock) permitting. It's free to 'buy' items from a shop you own.
/shop sell <item name> <amount> - Used without an item name and amount defined, sells the stack of items the player is currently holding. With an item name defined, a specific item (a single item) is sold to the shop. If the player uses ‘all’ in place of an amount, all instances of that item in his inventory will be sold. Selling to a shop you own doesn't move any money.
A list of item IDs can be found here!
/shop set - Help page; displays a list of set commands.
/shop set buy [item name] <price> - Used to set the price of items that the shop will be able to buy or purchased from customers. Omit the price to stop buying the item. Both this command and the set sell command below are set from the perspective of the shop, not the customer; in contrast the buy and sell commands are always from the perspective of the customer.
/shop set sell [item name] <price> - Sets the price of items that can be sold to the customer. Omit the price to stop sell the item.
/shop set manager +/-[player name] - ex: (/shop set manager -cerealk +Mineral). Adds or removes managers from the player’s shop. A manage is able to add/remove items, set prices and set maximum amounts. He cannot move the shop, destroy the shop, nor add/remove managers.
/shop set minbalance [amount] - Sets a shops minimum balance that must remain in the account at all times. Helps prevent players from selling to a shop and completely bankrupting the owner.
/shop set max [item name] [max amount] - Used to set a maximum stock limit for a specified item. Note that the owner of the shop will still be able to add items above the maximum stock level, but the shop will not buy items from players if the current stock level is higher than the maximum specified amount.
/shop set notification - Toggles if the shop owner is to receive periodic transaction notifications via chat.
/shop set name [newname] - Change the name of the shop.
/shop set owner [player name] - Changes the shop owner to another player.

# World Edit #
/ascend - rise one level up

@ Mob Disguise @
/md [mob type] - change appearance to a type of mob.
Available: creeper, skeleton, wolf, sheep, zombie, chicken, pig

Colour Codes (place these on signs before text to change its colour)
&0 Black
&1 Dark Blue
&2 Dark Green
&3 Dark Teal
&4 Dark Red
&5 Purple
&6 Gold
&7 Gray
&8 Dark Gray
&9 Blue
&a Bright Green
&b Teal
&c Red
&d Pink
&e Yellow
&f White
Note: These limited range of BBcode colours do NOT exactly match the minecraft sign colours.

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