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Clans are groups that have the following features:
- Have a Clan Name
- Have a Clan Leader
- Have a protected region (called a Clan Zone), that only members of that Clan can build on.

There are Three Clans: Alchemists, Builders and Warriors.
You do NOT have to join a Clan, or you can join all three!

Applications to join a Clan can be made in chat on the server to the Clan Leader (the Moderator with the Clan Name in their chat suffix), or by mail (/mail send [player] [message]).

Clan Leaders decide if they will allow you to join or not. Then you are placed in the Clan, the Leader then adds you as a member to the Clan Zone, so you have build permissions there. Clan Leaders can also remove you at any time.
Clans are open to: Citizens and Trusted (Server Admin, Executive, Moderators and Owner are not permitted to join a Clan; they have permissions in each clan area anyway).

# Clan Leaders #
- Clan Leaders decide if an applicant will join their Clan.
- Clan Leaders lead in decision making regarding the development of their Clan's zone (or region).

Adding/Removing members from Clan Zone
/region addmember <clanzone> <player> - Add a member to a region that you own.

Members can build and work as normal, but cannot add other members or change flags.

/region remember <clanzone> <player> - Remove a member from a region that you own.

Clan Zones are: builderzone, alchemistzone and warriorzone.

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