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Server Commands CITIZEN (regular player) Empty Server Commands CITIZEN (regular player)

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# CITIZEN (Regular Player) #

@ Minecraft @
/help - Shows a list of server commands
/me <message> - Says a message from the player's point of view: Player1 is building a castle!

@ Essentials @
/afk - Sets your status for (away from keyboard) AFK
/back - teleport back to your last position {costs $100}
/delhome <name> - Removes a home
/depth - Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.
/getpos - Displays your current coordinate location in the world.
/list - Lists the players online and how many slots are left.
/helpop - Requests help from online staff.
/home - Teleports you home. {costs $25}
/mail <read|clear|send> [player] [message] - mail to/from other players {costs $5}
/msg [player] <message> - This allows you to private message another player.
/ping - ping server
/r <message> - Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
/rules <page number> - Displays the rules.
/sethome [player] <name> - Sets your home location. Up to 5 homes allowed. {costs $500}
/spawn - Teleports you to spawn. {costs $10}
/suicide - Commit suicide.
/tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
/tpdeny - Refuse a teleport request

@ iConomy @
/money - Check your balance
/money [name] - Get another player's balance
/money help - shows money help
/money pay [name] [amount] - Pay money to another player
/money top [no. of positions] - Get the top money rankings to a certain number of positions (default is 5 positions).

@ Region Self Service @
NOTE: This method replaces purchase existing real-estate from the "Real-Esate" section of this forum. You will still need to apply in the "Custom Real-Estate Protections" section to purchase Custom Protections in Cobble Nation.
- To sell your Real-Estate (Lot or Region), place a sign in it with the format below:
For Sale Type exactly "For Sale", without the " ".
<cost> Numbers only! No spaces or other characters.
<region name> The exact WorldGuard region name.
- To rent your Real-Estate (Lot or Region), place a sign in it with the format below:
For Rent Type exactly "For Rent", without the " ".
<cost> Per hour rental amount. Numbers only!
<region name> The exact WorldGuard region name.
/selfservice buy - Buy the region that is related to the sign you are looking at.
/selfservice rent [hours] - Rent the region that is related to the sign you are looking at, for the specified amount of hours. The price on a sign is the price per hour. If you don't specify the amount of hours, it will default to 1.

@ WorldGuard @
/stack - Stack items in your inventory into piles up to the max stack size for the item. Unstackable items like signs will be left alone.
/region info [<world>] <id> - Lists information for a given region. The information shown is: shape, priority, flag values, parent, owners, members.
/region list .me <page> - Displays a list of all the region that you own.
/region addmember <id> <member1> <member2> - Add a member to a region that you own. Members can build and work as normal, but cannot add other members or change flags.
/region remember <id> <member1> <member2> - Remove a member from a region that you own.
/region flag <id> <flag> <value> - Sets a flag for a region. If a value is not given, then the flag is cleared to its default unset set.

Region Flags
pvp - Allow for player vs. player combat (value = <allow/deny>)
mob-damage - Allows or denys mob damage (value = <allow/deny>)
mob-spawning - Allow mobs to be spawned (value = <allow/deny>)
creeper-explosion - Allow creepers to explode (value = <allow/deny>)
tnt - Allow ignition or explosion of TNT in the region (even if ignited just outside) (value = <allow/deny>)
lighter - Allow lighter usage (value = <allow/deny>)
use - Allow non-members to use buttons, etc. (value = <allow/deny>)
snow-fall - Allow snow to fall (value = <allow/deny>)
greeting - Message to display to a user on enter (value = <message string>)
farewell - Message to display to a user on leave (value = <message string>)
deny-spawn - List of mobs to not allow spawning of (value = <list of strings>)

@ WorldEdit @
/unstuck - If stuck inside a block

@ Localshops @
/shop - Displays a list of player commands
/shop browse <buy|sell> - Shows a list of items currently in the shop.
/shop buy [item ID] <amount> - Purchases a specified item from a shop.
/shop info - Gives information about that specific shop.
/shop sell <item ID> <amount> - Sells a specified item to a shop.
NOTE: Item IDs are found in the Cobble Mart Price List, and also at Minecraft ID List

@ LWC @
/cpublic - Creates a public protection that anyone can use, but no one can protect themselves.
/cprivate <g:Groups> <Players> - Creates a private protection that only you and the specified players/groups can use (a single block).
/cpassword <password> - Creates a password protected protection. You and anyone else will have to enter the password to the protection upon attempting to open it. When the password is entered you're allowed access until you log out.
/lwc modify <g:Groups> <Players> - This is used to add or remove groups or players to an already existing protection.
/cunlock <password> - Unlocks a password protected protection.
/cinfo - Shows information about a protection.
/climits - Shows you your protection limit as well as how many you've used.
/lwc -o - Shows which users have access to a private protection.
/cremove <protection|mode> - Removes a protection
/cmagnet - Turns a chest into a magnetic chest that will suck up items from around it.

@ Mob Disguise @
/md [mob type] - change appearance to a type of mob.
Available: creeper, skeleton

@ Bookworm @
Hold a book to write
/write -help : shows this list of commands
/write -chat : toggle chat write mode
/write -read <page> : read the specified page
/write -author <author>: sets the displayed author (this is just the displayed author, the real author will stay the same)
/write -title <new title> : change a book's title
/write -undo : Undo your last write action. Only has one level of undo. Things that can be undone: written text, replacements, erasings.
/write -erase <text> : erases the specified text from the book /write -replace <old text> -> <new text> [/b]: replaces text
/write -eraseall : erases all text from the book
/write -get <id> : gets the book with the given id
/write -id : gets the id of the currently held book
/write -delete <id> : completely deletes the book with the specified id
NOTE: a double colon "::" acts as a carriage return (a new line)

@ MobBounty @
-Collect money rewards for killing monsters (no rewards given if killed within 20 blocks of a Mob Spawner). See "Bounties" below.
-Multipliers for when mobs are killed in certain worlds, or at certain times. See "Multipliers" below.

Blaze: $100
Cave Spider: $100
Chicken: $0
Cow: $0
Creeper: $50
Electrified Creeper: $75
Enderdragon: $2000
Enderman: $200
Ghast: $120
Giant: $100
Iron Golem: $0
Magma Cube: $35
Monster: $85
Mooshroom: $0
Ocelot: $40
Pig: $0
Pig Zombie: $40
Self Tamed Cat: $0
Self Tamed Wolf: $0
Sheep: $0
Silverfish: $20
Skeleton: $50
Slime: $35
Snow Golem: $0
Spider: $40
Squid: $15
Tamed Cat: -$1,000
Tamed Wolf: -$1,000
Villager: -$500
Wolf: $0
Zombie: $25

@ Citizens @
- Right-click a NPC (non-playing character) aka Citizen, and your inventory and the NPCs inventory will open up.
- Left-click on the item you wish to buy.
- Product details including the name of the item and the price will appear in the chat console.
- Click to confirm purchase.

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