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Post  Phased on Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:58 am

Phased's Capes Mod

Specifically for the Server!

Cobble Creek - Capes Mod Examples

How to get a cape? leave a post on the forum, saying your username, IT MUST BE SPELLED CORRECTLY AND THE EXACT USERNAME HOW IT DISPLAYS IN THE SERVER CHAT (Capitals if needed in the spot)

How to get a custom cloak?

In the future we will contain competitions possibly where as a award for winning you may get to design your own cape for you to wear.

How to get the mod?

Download the .rar folder (make sure you have winrar or 7zip (what ever that ones called)), open it up, and go inside the INSERT INTO JAR folder, and drag the 1 file called vi.class and put it inside your minecraft.jar, make sure you delete META-INF.


MODERATORS, Please when you accept someone into the server and whitelist them, please contain a link to this post in your post on there application, so they can get the mod straight away, and request a cape!


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