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How to get Trusted Empty How to get Trusted

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:08 am

After being added to the whitelist, you are apart of group "Citizen". You are able to build, have access to many commands and can generally go about your business without restriction - except you are unable to use: TNT, Lava Buckets, or Water Buckets.

The Cobble Creek Community needs to be sure we can trust newcomers as these can be powerful griefing tools.

If you:
- have been whitelisted for at least one month.
- have not been in the Hall of Shame for at least 3 months.
- have not been kicked, banned, or jailed in the past month.
- have significant investment in Cobble Creek (you are here regularly, contribute to the forums, are generating personal wealth, are buying real estate, are building many things - You have things that you have worked hard for and therefore have something to lose by doing the wrong thing).
- have been following all of the rules.
- have been friendly, cooperative and helpful

Please, make an application... Cobble Creek is lucky to have you and wishes for you to have these extra privileges.

In your application (which should be in the "Trusted Applications" thread), include:
1. Your IGN.
2. How long you have been in Cobble Creek.
3. A short paragraph (100 to 200 words) on how you fit the above 6 criteria.
4. If you have made some mistakes in the past, please add another paragraph and declare your wrong doings... and suck up for being difficult!

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