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Server Commands ADMIN (Server Administrator) Empty Server Commands ADMIN (Server Administrator)

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:39 pm

# ADMIN (Server Administrator) #

^ Responsibilities ^
1. All Moderator responsibilities (particularly No. 6). This means that: you don't give yourself free/cheaper protected zones, you don't grant yourself or anyone else free money.
2. Banish a player if they are causing a particular problem. This can be achieved by "/permissions player addgroup <player IGN> Banished".
3. Unbanish player after a certain time, or if they have gotten the point. This can be achieved by "/permissions player removegroup <player IGN> Banished.
4. Set Custom Real-Estate Protections for players using iZone commands.
5. Sell Lots to players on behalf of Cobble_Government. This can be achieved by the "/zmod allow [zone name] [player name]".
6. Make contracts for major construction projects on behalf of Cobble_Government and Cobble_Creek_Trading_CO-OP in the Contracts section of the forum.
7. Take money from players on behalf of Cobble_Government or Cobble_Creek_Trading_CO-OP. This can be achieved by "/money grant [player IGN] -[amount]". Note the "-" infront of the amount. This must be there to debit money.
8. Give money to "Cobble_Government" or "Cobble_Creek_Trading_CO-OP" after the money has been debited from a player's bank account. This can be achieved by "/money grant [Cobble_Government] [amount]" OR "/money grant [Cobble_Creek_Trading_CO-OP] [amount]"
9. Become an Arbitrator in disputes when someone has requested arbitration.
10. Determine the future direction of Cobble Creek with Saxburger!

@ Minecraft @
/whitelist <add|remove> [player] - Add or remove a player from the whitelist.

@ PermissionsBukkit @
/permissions help - shows PermissionsBukkit commands.
/permissions group list - list all groups.
/permissions player addgroup <player> <group> - add a player to a group, e.g. Trusted.
/permissions player removegroup <player> <group> - remove a player from a group, e.g. Trusted.

@ WorldGuard @
Admin can add members to a region as all other players can, except that Admin does not have to own the region to add players, and Admin can also add owners.
/region list <page> <world> - Displays the list of regions. A page number can be provided to scroll through the list, and a world can also be specified to list the regions of a world.

@ iConomy @
/money grant [player] [amount] - grant money (add "-" to take money, e.g. -35 debits $35)
/money set [player] [amount] - set account to specific balance
/money reset [player] - reset player account
/money stats - check economy stats

@ LWC @
Moderator - Can access anything protected by LWC pluggin

@ Essentials @
Access all Spawner types
- Look directly at spawner and:
/spawner [Mob Type] - Changes spawner to different type. Note: Certain mobs will only spawn under certain conditions.

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